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Complete Racing Sim Package (B1)

Complete Racing Sim Package (B1)

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Buttkicker PRO Haptic Vibration Feedback
Moza Clutch Pedal Add-on & Brake Pedal Mod
Shifter & Handbrake

Package includes:


ASUS ROG PC (AMD Ryzen 7 3700X / GeForce RTX 3070)

Aluminum ASR-3 Chassis

Racing Seat & Rail (Sparco, ASR or NRG) (Availability Varies)

Moza R5 Direct Drive, CS Steering Wheel, SR-P Lite Pedals

49" Asus Ultra-Wide Monitor (165hz, HD)

Free-Standing Monitor Stand (Adjustable, Aluminum)

Logitech Keyboard & Headset

Samsung Sound Bar & Sub (Dolby)

Display-Port Cables, Misc.

Subtotal: $5999 (+tax)


Buttkicker PRO Haptic Vibration Feedback: $599

Moza Clutch Pedal Add-on & Brake Pedal Mod: $289

VNM Shifter (H-pattern/Sequential): $449

Heusinkveld E-brake (Vertical/Horizontal): $499

Subtotal w/ add-ons: $7835 (+tax)

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